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Squadrone System UAVs can carry loads over short and long distances.
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The Advantages of The Drone Simulator Solution

Gain in development time and quality thanks to an integration of our drone simulator in your integration environment.

Squadrone System’s drone simulator allows you to develop and test your autonomous drone solutions efficiently and safely. You can replicate the target architecture, test the whole command – control chain of the solution and validate it before making field experiments.

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Multiply the tests to make your solutions more robust

The Squadrone System drone simulators can also be used to test “limit” or extreme cases of autopilot and drone operation.

You can thus simulate the loss of a sensor, an engine, or another failure and validate the drone’s behaviour. These stress tests are carried out without the need to instrument your UAV and without risk of losing it during your tests. This same simulator can allow you to test your solutions in complex environments (indoor, urban areas, …) without the need of access to the real field.

MasterTel USA

Why Use The Simulator?

The drone simulator is also a perfect tool to train your remote pilots to handle drone solutions.

in simulated environments
in complete safety

more easily

Failsafe extreme ready

Interaction with the perceived environment for missions of accuracy and degraded conditions

Standard parachute

How We Works

Our Process

At MasterTel USA, we spend a lot of time understanding your business and analyzing your needs. This process and the ensuing results gains trust and loyalty from our customers.

Discovery Sessions

We engage deeply with our clients for a needs assessment. We review current solutions, interview key decision makers & technology users to fully understand the scope and goal of your technology initiatives.


Technology Design & Consultation

Our solution engineers will then work hand in hand with your client team to design the optimal solution to meet your company's strategic goals and initiatives.


Engagement, Presentation & Adjustments

We then engage with our over 1000+ best of breed technology partners worldwide that can best help us deliver the proposed design enabling us to meet the client timeframes, with the least interruption and most cost effectively.


Agreement & Implementation

We will then meet to review our final recommendations. Once agreement is executed, that's when the real work begins. Our team will project manage each solution to ensure customer satisfaction and then help manage the ongoing relationship with all underlying partners.

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