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Improve customers experience with a cost-effective, scalable, and reliable advanced Networking solution.

As a result of increased competition, brick-and-mortar establishments such as banks, hospitals, restaurants, and branch offices are transforming into tech-enabled centers that focus on the client experience. Customers are drawn in and kept around longer when WiFi is available, and employees' efficiency is raised as a result. However, a private WiFi network demands a lot of time and energy to manage and secure while offering a WiFi layer that provides a good experience for end users. MasterTel USA has the answer to these challenges by providing a third-party managed WiFi solution for your enterprise engineered to offer the convenience and security your business demands.

MasterTel USA

Managed WiFi

At MasterTel USA, we understand your business needs. As a result, we offer third-party managed WiFi services that are carefully designed to deliver value to your enterprise. To ensure you get the most out of our solution, we partner with leading network service providers with over 15 years of experience. Through these partnerships, we deliver a third-party managed WiFi solution that meets your business needs and exceeds your expectations. Our solutions are highly scalable and flexible, requiring no additional hardware for you to reap the full benefits of it. We have engineered a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution that delivers excellent performance levels.

Our managed WiFi solution is complete and comprehensive and delivers unrivaled security levels. To keep your network safe, you need a robust solution that can protect the network from local attacks, wireless threats, and even remote attacks. Our third-party managed WiFi solution delivers robust security by using multiple layers of protection.

We do not just offer a third-party managed WiFi solution. We offer the best. With our managed WiFi solution, you enjoy reliable and scalable Internet connections. We have tested our solution in multiple locations, proving it to be the best.

Our third-party managed WiFi solution also includes the following benefits:

Password protection: We employ a password protection feature to secure your WiFi network. This helps keep your internet safe and secure.

Location Analytics: lets you see how devices navigate your environment and discover the ideal channel. In addition, your computer will be able to detect any dead spots and blocking of signals.

Affordable, Scalable Guest Internet Access: This option is ideal for businesses that want to offer their clients and employees an Internet connection without compromising the security of the main network.

24×7 Proactive Monitoring And Technical Support: You can rest assured that we have your back by providing 24×7 proactive monitoring and technical support. Our staff is always on call and ready to provide solutions when issues arise.

Customizable Bandwidth Allocation: You can secure your network with a customized bandwidth allocation. In addition, you can also specify the number of devices that can connect to your network at a time.

Customizable URL Landing Page: You can easily manage your business’s URL landing page by logging in to our portal. This option is perfect for businesses that want to add a layer of personalization to their business.

Client and Application Monitoring: You will also truly understand how your clients or employees use your network by collecting valuable data from their devices. You will be able to monitor the real-time usage of bandwidth, applications, and websites used on your network.

Value for Marketing and Business Intelligence Teams
The goal behind all of the data analytics and graphs presented is to provide a platform for both IT and non-IT departments to understand user presence. By understanding patterns such as foot traffic by time of day and how the capture rate varies across different sites, IT departments can gain a better understanding of network usage and trends, and non-IT departments, such as marketing and business intelligence teams, can gain insights and answer questions such as “Is my new marketing campaign at site A working based on the foot traffic numbers or do I need to staff more people at site B during peak hours?”. Some of the different use-cases for which Location Analytics could be useful are highlighted below.

  • Detect total client visits,
  • Analyze & optimize window conversion.
  • Optimize staffing by time of day.
  • Analyze visitor dwell-time and repeat frequency.
  • Compare across sites to understand below or above average foot traffic, dwell time, repeat frequency.
  • Optimize & run A/B tests to see how change in one variable effects outcome.
  • Analyze data & compare to external KPIs  (avg spend per site, avg spend per user, avg cost per store).
  • Prepare network for weekly/seasonal fluctuations.
  • Correlate location analytic info with traffic analysis and devise fingerprinting data for 360-degree view of user presence, devices, and online behavior. 

Collect Data You Want & Drive Awareness…

Guest WiFi Social  Log-in enables Customer Profiling…

Put the Data Where You Want with Seamless Integrations…

Customer Location Insight…

Customer Dwell Time Insight…

Location Heatmaps
Part of our Managed WiFi location capabilities include the ability to visualize where people are spending time inside a particular location
over the course of the day (regardless of whether or not their devices are associated to the wireless network). This data is overlaid on a floor plan
and can give network administrators and marketing/operations teams information on guest foot traffic flows within certain parts of a store or
building. In order to attain the required level of location accuracy, the client probes should be heard by 3 or more APs to be overlaid on the floor

Hospital mapping & digital wayfinding solutions for healthcare


The landscape of the technology sector is rapidly changing and the tele-communications and IT industries are converging. SMB, enterprise and international customers are looking for a single source to take care of all their network needs.


MasterTel USA supplies Agents, VARs and MSPs with the tools needed to expand your business. By creating a strategic partnership with MasterTel USA, we are providing you with a turnkey business infrastructure to help you go to market fast and effectively.


Our success is not only attributed to our team of subject matter experts and support specialists, but also to our 1000+ vendor relationships worldwide that form our global support and expertise structure.

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MasterTel USA offers the best managed WiFi services available today. We want to help your business see the value of our offerings. We have been providing such services to businesses for over a decade. You can rest assured that we are certified and reliable. We are here to answer any questions and provide you with a personalized consultation that suits your business needs and requirements.

To learn more about our solution, get in touch with us by booking a free consultation with one of our representatives.

Our Process

At MasterTel USA, we spend a lot of time understanding your business and analyzing your needs. This process and the ensuing results gains trust and loyalty from our customers.

Discovery Sessions

We engage deeply with our clients for a needs assessment. We review current solutions, interview key decision makers & technology users to fully understand the scope and goal of your technology initiatives.


Technology Design & Consultation

Our solution engineers will then work hand in hand with your client team to design the optimal solution to meet your company's strategic goals and initiatives.


Engagement, Presentation & Adjustments

We then engage with our over 1000+ best of breed technology partners worldwide that can best help us deliver the proposed design enabling us to meet the client timeframes, with the least interruption and most cost effectively.


Agreement & Implementation

We will then meet to review our final recommendations. Once agreement is executed, that's when the real work begins. Our team will project manage each solution to ensure customer satisfaction and then help manage the ongoing relationship with all underlying partners.

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