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Penetration Testing

A penetration test, commonly referred to as a pen test, entails assessing the security of an IT infrastructure by attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in a controlled manner. These vulnerabilities could stem from operating systems, services, application flaws, misconfigurations, or risky user behaviors. Such evaluations serve the dual purpose of verifying the effectiveness of defensive measures and ensuring compliance with security protocols. An analogy for penetration testing would be akin to testing the security of your home by attempting a break-in yourself. Ethical hackers, or penetration testers, employ controlled environments to systematically probe and exploit vulnerabilities in IT infrastructures. Instead of scrutinizing physical entry points like windows and doors, they focus on assessing servers, networks, web applications, mobile devices, and other potential avenues for intrusion to uncover weaknesses.


Why is Pen Testing Important?

Identify and Prioritize Security Risks: Penetration testing assesses an organization’s capability to safeguard its networks, applications, endpoints, and users against both external and internal threats aimed at bypassing security measures to gain unauthorized or privileged access to protected resources.

Intelligently Manage Vulnerabilities: Penetration tests furnish comprehensive insights into actual security risks that can be exploited. Through these tests, organizations can proactively discern critical vulnerabilities, less significant ones, and false positives. This facilitates smarter prioritization of remedial actions, application of necessary security patches, and efficient allocation of security resources to ensure timely intervention where it matters most.

Leverage a Proactive Security Approach: In today’s landscape, there’s no singular solution to thwart breaches. Organizations must deploy a suite of defensive mechanisms and tools, encompassing cryptography, antivirus software, SIEM solutions, and IAM programs, among others. Despite these essential security tools, fully eliminating every vulnerability within an IT environment remains challenging. Penetration testing adopts a proactive stance by identifying weaknesses, guiding remediation efforts, and evaluating the necessity for additional security layers.

Verify Existing Security Programs Are Working and Discover Your Security Strengths: Without holistic visibility into the entire environment, altering the security posture risks eliminating elements that may not pose actual threats. Penetration tests not only pinpoint deficiencies but also serve as quality assurance checks. They highlight effective policies and assess the return on investment provided by various security tools. Armed with these insights, organizations can judiciously allocate security resources to areas of utmost importance.

Increase Confidence in Your Security Strategy: Confidence in your security posture stems from rigorous testing of your security infrastructure and team. Regularly subjecting them to tests ensures preparedness and eliminates hypothetical uncertainty regarding potential attacks and response strategies. By safely experiencing simulated attacks, organizations can fortify their defenses and preemptively address vulnerabilities.

Meet Regulatory Requirements: Penetration testing aids organizations in fulfilling regulatory obligations and adhering to industry best practices. By simulating attacks on an organization’s infrastructure, these tests demonstrate how attackers could exploit vulnerabilities to access sensitive data. Mandated periodic testing enables organizations to remain proactive in identifying and rectifying security weaknesses before they are exploited. Additionally, these tests offer auditors validation of mandated security measures and provide detailed reports illustrating ongoing compliance efforts.

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Compliance Reviews

Corporate compliance is about managing risk. The purpose is to protect your business. It’s as simple as that. But the return on investment could be significant, helping you avoid waste, fraud, abuse, discrimination, and other practices that disrupt operations and put your company at risk. To build an effective program, you need to know what compliance areas pose the highest risks to your organization. Once you have identified these areas, you can focus your resources on addressing them. Your corporate compliance program needs to be integrated with all compliance efforts enterprise-wide, from the management of external regulations and internal policies to comprehensive employee training. By making sure all departments and staff are working together to maintain standards, you can mitigate the risk of major failures and violations. Federal and state regulations, as well as industry standards, are constantly evolving. To avoid risk of noncompliance, it’s important to conduct regular assessments. An effective program improves communication between leadership and staff. It should include a process for creating, updating, distributing, and tracking compliance policies. After all, employees can’t be held responsible for rules and regulations they don’t know exists.

But once they understand expectations, your staff can stay focused on your organization’s broader goals and help operations run smoothly. What’s more, when employees are properly trained on compliance requirements, they are more likely to recognize and report illegal or unethical activity.

Maintaining compliance equips your employees to do their jobs well, reach their career goals, and keep customers happy. In turn, your company can achieve its goals and grow faster.


The landscape of the technology sector is rapidly changing and the tele-communications and IT industries are converging. SMB, enterprise and international customers are looking for a single source to take care of all their network needs.


MasterTel USA supplies Agents, VARs and MSPs with the tools needed to expand your business. By creating a strategic partnership with MasterTel USA, we are providing you with a turnkey business infrastructure to help you go to market fast and effectively.


Our success is not only attributed to our team of subject matter experts and support specialists, but also to our 1000+ vendor relationships worldwide that form our global support and expertise structure.

Our Process

At MasterTel USA, we spend a lot of time understanding your business and analyzing your needs. This process and the ensuing results gains trust and loyalty from our customers.

Discovery Sessions

We engage deeply with our clients for a needs assessment. We review current solutions, interview key decision makers & technology users to fully understand the scope and goal of your technology initiatives.


Technology Design & Consultation

Our solution engineers will then work hand in hand with your client team to design the optimal solution to meet your company's strategic goals and initiatives.


Engagement, Presentation & Adjustments

We then engage with our over 1000+ best of breed technology partners worldwide that can best help us deliver the proposed design enabling us to meet the client timeframes, with the least interruption and most cost effectively.


Agreement & Implementation

We will then meet to review our final recommendations. Once agreement is executed, that's when the real work begins. Our team will project manage each solution to ensure customer satisfaction and then help manage the ongoing relationship with all underlying partners.

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