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RFID is a fantastic technology for business, particularly but not limited to warehousing, retail and livestock, allowing them to rapidly improve efficiency and reduce cost by automating processes and improving utilixation of assets and quality.
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Mastertel USA is the only RFID company you'll ever need

WHAT IS RFID?  RFID is a data collection innovation which uses radio transmissions to send data about a thing, like a serial number or name.

For the last 20 years, with the help of our strategic partners, we have furnished many enterprise organizations with affordable, effortless, and customized versatile one-stop RFID system integration services. A turnkey solution.

MastertelUSA provides end-to-end RFID solutions to businesses of all types that enable companies to cost effectively manage their business information, business processes, assets, objects, kits, products, and people. We seamlessly combine our patented software, hardware components, professional services, competitive tag & label supplies, and our 24/7 support to deliver a guaranteed solution to clients worldwide.

Let us develop a solution that fits your needs.

RFID is a very cost-effective technology and the cost savings and enhanced revenues achieved can very quickly cover the cost of the initial outlay.

Higher Productivity
Increased Revenues
Improved Quality Data Capture
Shorter Process
Lower Cost
Improved Regulatory Compliance
Better Security
Accurate and Relevant
Management Info
MasterTel USA

Best Quality RFID Tags & Labels to Deliver Superior ROI

We will not be undersold!

As part of our turnkey solution, we offer the best quality RFID& NFC Tag & Label Supplies at the most affordable prices to meet your ROI goals. Our R&D facilities enable us to provide custom antenna designs, testing and simulations in one day as opposed to 6-8 weeks. With Eastern European and soon to be US production facilities, we are diligently working to become the leader for competitive RFID tags, labels and inlays worldwide. Lets discuss how we can reduce your current RFID tag and label costs.



The challenges in manufacturing is knowing where assets are, what conditions they're in and who touched them last. RFID also boosts security & safety, Q&A, and is an ultimate damage tracking solution.


Warehousing & Supply Chain Logistics

The challenges in supply chain management are how to collect, manage and analyze large sums of data, optimize operational expenses and mitigate security risks while adhering to regulatory and compliance standards. The end goal is to reduce your operating costs, increase accuracy and maximize the speed at which things get done.


Government & Military

Challenges in Government & Military is managing access control, management of equipment, management of personnel and management of inventory. The goal is to obtain full visibility capability, accurate assets reporting, and accurate identification of its personnel and inventory.


Retail & Apparel

The traditional challenges in retail are the many man hours spent checking inventory, misplacement of products, stock loss due to theft, out of stock conditions resulting in lost sales, the high cost of labor at checkout and cart abandonment due to long lines. RFID dramatically improves all areas resulting in enhanced customer experience, reduced costs and increased revenue.



For automotive, RFID enables increased production times, improved inventory accuracy, error reduction, better routing information, enhanced asset management and other key operating efficiencies. From dock management to yard management to material tracking to efficient WIP process, to tracking containers and totes, to in-plant logistics.



Some of the challenges that pharmaceutical companies face are fake goods, grey market design and consumer engagement. RFID can help big pharma to decrease counterfeiting, improve patient safety, increase management efficiency and ultimately decrease costs. With smart packaging consumers can also gain personalized product and promotions information.



The challenges in healthcare facilities center around managing assets efficiently (staff, patients, expensive equipment, supplies). The end goal is for accurate patient and bed tracking. accurate staff tracking, eliminate hoarding of equipment, control access to hazardous waste depots, rooms, and medication storage, and improving wait times and patient outcomes. RFID is a proven and efficient way to manage medical related assets.


Other RFID Applications

Many other industries and businesses can benefit from RFID. Libraries can use RFID for self-checkout/in, for inventory and LP. Law firms use RFID for document management to control file access. School systems use RFID to manage attendance. Telco's use RFID on cell tower equipment so that our RFID drones can track. RFID is used in Livestock Management and Yard Management. The use cases are endess! Lets discuss how we can help your company.


The landscape of the technology sector is rapidly changing and the tele-communications and IT industries are converging. SMB, enterprise and international customers are looking for a single source to take care of all their network needs.


MasterTel USA supplies Agents, VARs and MSPs with the tools needed to expand your business. By creating a strategic partnership with MasterTel USA, we are providing you with a turnkey business infrastructure to help you go to market fast and effectively.


Our success is not only attributed to our team of subject matter experts and support specialists, but also to our 1000+ vendor relationships worldwide that form our global support and expertise structure.

Our Process

At MasterTel USA, we spend a lot of time understanding your business and analyzing your needs. This process and the ensuing results gains trust and loyalty from our customers.

Discovery Sessions

We engage deeply with our clients for a needs assessment. We review current solutions, interview key decision makers & technology users to fully understand the scope and goal of your technology initiatives.


Technology Design & Consultation

Our solution engineers will then work hand in hand with your client team to design the optimal solution to meet your company's strategic goals and initiatives.


Engagement, Presentation & Adjustments

We then engage with our over 1000+ best of breed technology partners worldwide that can best help us deliver the proposed design enabling us to meet the client timeframes, with the least interruption and most cost effectively.


Agreement & Implementation

We will then meet to review our final recommendations. Once agreement is executed, that's when the real work begins. Our team will project manage each solution to ensure customer satisfaction and then help manage the ongoing relationship with all underlying partners.

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