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Transform your IT strategy through the flexibility, reliability, and scalability of the cloud

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing provides access to computer resources—servers, storage, networking, applications, and services—over the internet. Cloud computing allows you to extend your IT infrastructure beyond the limits of your on-premises data centers without the complexity and costs associated with implementing and managing those assets.

Cloud computing is about data management, access, and storage. We take responsibility for guarding your private information seriously and design solutions around your needs. With MasterTel USA, you can be sure your business is ready to take advantage of the opportunities cloud computing offers with a wide range of solutions that meet the needs of any business size. Our cloud computing solution covers the following areas:


Our infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solutions can help you manage your raw computing and network capacity by delivering everything you need through the latest technology. Our IaaS solutions are affordable, scalable, and adaptable; they can help you get your business up and running, replace your gear, or increase your present infrastructure.


Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions can help you develop and deploy the right platforms and applications so that you can use resources more efficiently.

Our platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions make it easier for you to build the applications of your choice by using the latest industry innovations and standards to deliver high-quality, seamless user experiences. Your organization needs a modern, reliable, secure platform to help provide an end-user experience that serves your users’ needs.


Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions are designed specifically for today’s organizations. The solutions provide a convenient, highly cost-effective way to deploy and maintain the essential software applications your business needs. SaaS solutions are not one-size-fits-all but can be tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs. With MasterTel USA, you get the support, security, and stability you need to help your carefully chosen software applications perform efficiently.


Make your organization more productive by adopting a desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solution. Our desktop-as-service solutions can help you configure and deploy secure, mission-critical desktops with the latest technology and security features. We can help you protect data, improve productivity and provide an end-user experience that is easy to use, highly secure, and cost-effective.

MasterTel USA

Data Center Colocation

Data centers are a critical part of any IT ecosystem, but they are also increasingly complex and expensive to maintain and manage. With the right data center, you can harness the power of cloud computing to get the most out of your technology investments.

MasterTel USA provides various third-party data center colocation services to help you deploy the infrastructure of your choice. Our colocation services can help you manage your raw computing and network capacity by delivering everything you need through the latest technology. Whether starting a company from scratch, upgrading your existing hardware, or expanding your current infrastructure, our third-party data center colo solutions are cost-effective, scalable, and flexible.

MasterTel USA partnered with top-level tier data center providers from tier 1 to tier 5 to bring the enterprise servers and network equipment to your preferred locations. We have access to thousands of data center colocation locations worldwide, giving you a global reach for your data.

We partnered with top-tier data center providers, worldwide. We bring these data centers to you by partnering with regional providers that offer solutions for the latest technologies, including enterprise servers and network equipment. MasterTel USA also provides cloud solutions from the top cloud service providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and IBM SoftLayer.

With MasterTel USA, you get access to all the benefits of cloud computing without depending on external vendors. We provide the knowledge, support, and service you need to ensure your IT investments will serve your business best. To learn more and start your cloud journey, contact MasterTel USA to request a free consultation.


Cost-Efficiency: Our hosted solutions offer you cost-efficiencies by taking advantage of the latest technologies to decrease your IT costs and improve security while allowing you to continue to use your favorite applications.

Portability: With MasterTel USA, you can choose the best data center that fits your business needs. This can help reduce operational expenses.

Innovation: Cloud computing can help unleash the power of your technology investments by offering you more flexibility and value.

Security: You can protect your data and the computing resources that support it by ensuring that your network and applications are protected with tools like advanced cybersecurity solutions.

Efficiency: You can enjoy the benefits of cloud computing by accessing and working with your data from anywhere, on any device.


The landscape of the technology sector is rapidly changing and the tele-communications and IT industries are converging. SMB, enterprise and international customers are looking for a single source to take care of all their network needs.


MasterTel USA supplies Agents, VARs and MSPs with the tools needed to expand your business. By creating a strategic partnership with MasterTel USA, we are providing you with a turnkey business infrastructure to help you go to market fast and effectively.


Our success is not only attributed to our team of subject matter experts and support specialists, but also to our 1000+ vendor relationships worldwide that form our global support and expertise structure.

Let’s Talk

We offer free consultation and expert advice regarding your cloud computing solutions, including hardware procurement and data migration. This helps customers understand the capabilities and benefits of cloud computing and gives them recommendations for best practices and technologies. Our clients include enterprises, mid-market companies, as well as small- and medium-sized businesses.

Our Process

At MasterTel USA, we spend a lot of time understanding your business and analyzing your needs. This process and the ensuing results gains trust and loyalty from our customers.

Discovery Sessions

We engage deeply with our clients for a needs assessment. We review current solutions, interview key decision makers & technology users to fully understand the scope and goal of your technology initiatives.


Technology Design & Consultation

Our solution engineers will then work hand in hand with your client team to design the optimal solution to meet your company's strategic goals and initiatives.


Engagement, Presentation & Adjustments

We then engage with our over 1000+ best of breed technology partners worldwide that can best help us deliver the proposed design enabling us to meet the client timeframes, with the least interruption and most cost effectively.


Agreement & Implementation

We will then meet to review our final recommendations. Once agreement is executed, that's when the real work begins. Our team will project manage each solution to ensure customer satisfaction and then help manage the ongoing relationship with all underlying partners.

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