MasterTel USA is a nationwide telecommunications and technology consulting firm helping customers improve their business processes and control their expenses by utilizing best practices and state-of-the-art services and technologies from the world's leading manufacturers and service providers. Formerly doing business as Telco Pro USA, Inc. since 2003, the MasterTel USA management and consulting teams have over 300 years of combined experience in this space.

MasterTel USA has helped businesses of all sizes, from Enterprise to SMB, single location to multi-location and international in order to:

  • Compete more efficiently in the marketplace.
  • Make better use of their IT and telecom personnel resources
  • Solve telecom and technology problems.
  • Use proper technology to improve their bottom line and increase value to their shareholders.

MasterTel USA, Inc. utilizes an unbiased consultative approach when looking at new solutions for our clients. We are customer advocates therefore; we sit on your side of the table and work for you when dealing with vendors and suppliers. Each customer’s needs are different; hence, we do not box ourselves into one or two provider offerings. Instead, we have strong relations and literally work with hundreds of “best of breed” providers and manufacturers nationwide and internationally so we can review the entire playing field to generate the right solutions for our clients. As consultants, understanding the breadth of the marketplace and having deep relationships are key to finding the best solutions and managing our client’s services.

MasterTel USA offers various plans of support depending on the projects or services we are providing for our clients. We firmly believe that proper support ultimately saves our customers money, which is why we discuss support first in any solution discussion. To that end, we hope that you’ll take advantage of our National Help Desk Service which provides live 24 x 7 help desk support for all your locations, and ALL your technologies whether MasterTel USA helped you implement them or not. One Support Company to call for all your technology needs.

Recently we have enhanced our product offerings. Although our core offerings have always been and will always be focused on Technology first, specifically cloud technologies and the telecommunications facilities and equipment that support it, MasterTel USA has also developed separate company divisions which focus on unrelated SMB business needs that are also vital to growth, marketing, finances and cost containment in today’s business environment. Hence, we researched & hired the appropriate talent. We then built separate consultative divisions; Energy Services, Web Design / SEO Services / Email & Text Marketing Services, and Merchant Processing Services, all of which can positively impact your business when properly executed. If you haven’t reviewed these business services recently, we urge you to contact our respective team members.

With our primary sales teams in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, field reps and sales engineers nationwide, and our provisioning and customer service teams in New Jersey and Massachusetts, MasterTel USA ensures that our customers always get the time and attention to detail their business deserves. We look forward to working with you.


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