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Network Connectivity Solutions

MasterTel USA contracts with only the industry leading telecommunications companies and service providers, from Fortune 500 providers to local niche players, in order to provide our customers with every imaginable telecom service they could require.

Because of our buying power, we can offer services from any major carrier at the same price or better than buying directly and we can create and manage multi-carrier solutions. We do this all for no additional charge to our customers.


  • Domestic Dedicated Voice Services (US T-1, PRI, Dynamic Circuits, SIP)
  • Domestic Switched Voice Services (US Dial-tone, Switched LD/TF, SIP over IP)
  • Domestic Internet (BRI, DSL, FiOS, Cable, T1, DS3, Ethernet, Wireless IP, Satellite, etc.)
  • Domestic / International Data Circuits (Global multi-location connectivity; pt2pts, Fixed Wireless, IPL, MPLS, E-LAN, VLAN, OCN, DWDM, SONET, Dark Fiber, etc.)
  • International Voice Services
  • Wholesale Carrier Services – Backhaul, Termination Services, Operator Services, etc..

For Detailed Information about all of our underlying providers and services offered, please visit our retail site…ShopTelco.com, the best place to shop for telecommunications services on the web.

MasterTel USA offers customers a free audit and assessment of their current telecommunications and data services. After determining your current and future business challenges, MasterTel USA will provide a minimum of 3 custom designed network solutions from the top telecommunications companies that meet your needs and requirements.

MasterTel USA will make a recommendation and help with the contract negotiation process. We are able to leverage the combined volume of all of our customers to ensure you get the best possible price and terms for your telecommunications and data services.

You will contract directly with the carriers, and will receive direct access and support from whichever providers you choose. However, MasterTel will provide you with enhanced support layered onto the support from the service provider.

Once the procurement process is complete, MasterTel USA will help manage the installation and implementation of your new services, ensuring a smooth transition and integration with your current IT and other business environments.

Why MasterTel

The average buyer of telecommunications and data services will entertain a minimum of 3 Telecommunications companies during the procurement process. Each of those companies, on average, will take 3 appointments with the decision maker. Add to that the time spent determining the best solution, gathering bills, network diagrams and other information, follow-up calls, conferences and so on. Making the change to a new telecommunications provider can be a very time consuming and arduous task for the average CIO/CTO or IT Director.

MasterTel USA, with dozens of years of telecom experience, knows the process, the players and the solutions and can work efficiently to help you through the telecommunications procurement process.

We Save You Time

Instead of interviewing multiple network solutions providers, work with only MasterTel USA. We will search our robust portfolio of providers to find and narrow down the best solutions and service providers that meet your needs. We'll handle the sales reps while you focus on your core business.

We Save You Money

We can leverage the combined buying power of all of our customers to get the best deals from the carriers. Not only that, we know the best prices the carriers can provide so you won't have to negotiate to get to the bottom line, we already know it and that's what you will pay when you purchase telecommunications and data services through MasterTel.

Enhanced Support

As a MasterTel USA customer, we can offer you enhanced service from the telecommunications companies. You can choose to come to us directly for first-level support like Moves, Adds, Changes; or billing issues. Or you can choose to work with the service provider directly. It's up to you. You can also contact us to escalate issues with service providers, as we have direct escalation points within those carriers that are not available to customers. We also offer a fee based Telecom Help Desk service for those looking to consolidate and offload their telecom management workload.

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