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Will your department over spend on wireless expenses this month?

Are your employees using their wireless devices according to company policy?


A standardized and proven system of analysis and adjustment of internal telecommunications procedures and billing designed to maximize savings. With an ever-changing mobile environment, companies are finding it nearly impossible to gain control of their wireless expenses without a centralized expense management system. Even paying the bill on-time is becoming a challenge. MasterTel USA partners with only the best Wireless TEM firms. We'll not only help you pay your bill on time, but will ensure that your users are on the most cost effective plans, your carriers are compliant with your negotiated contract, and that each invoice is accurate to the line item.
Our Mobile Expense Solution entails the following items…

  • A Wireless Expense Management System
  • Asset Discovery and Historical Audit
  • Invoice Management
  • Dispute, Recovery & Reconciliation
  • Rate Plan Optimization
  • Online Policy & Procurement Management

Gain control with a web based expense management portal that enables you to view and report on telecom invoice data expenses at macro or micro levels across carriers, by department, cost center, or GL code, and on an individual user level.

The system also automates the following processes:

after invoice validation, verification and dispute, our recommended partner will pay the approved charges and fees from all providers, on time, and present you with one invoice to pay.

enables automated line item allocations to feed directly into corporate financial systems, thereby automating departmental chargebacks and significantly reducing time and effort.

the portal sends alerts for contract expiration and monitors invoice data and carrier response times to ensure compliance with the agreements and rates of your carrier contracts.

the system utilizes sophisticated analytic tools to pull reports, create graphs, charts, excel spreadsheets, and more, to be used for operational and business intelligence. The reporting capabilities are limitless.

by combining the use of expense management reporting with advice from expert analysis, our partners are able to help you detect usage trending patterns that will enable you to forecast for future budgeting and wireless requirements.


This is the first step to ensuring wireless invoice accuracy. We first have to identify how many wireless devices your company possesses and how many of those devices are actually being used. This will help us…

  1. To further identify billing errors on current and past invoices.
  2. To achieve significant savings through recovery management.
  3. To analyze historical trends that may impact future performance.
  4. To improve processes to ensure billing accuracy.

Manually identifying errors in a stack of invoices from multiple carriers, in various formats and for several accounts, requires countless hours and numerous staff members. Consequently, those lacking resources are forced to pay exorbitant late fees in addition to charges incurred by unidentified billing errors. Our expense management partners solve that problem by providing the best of breed processes and automated technology to acquire, electronically load, audit, consolidate, approve and reconcile your telecom invoices.

Our providers not only help you identify billing errors, but they also manage the entire recovery process to ensure your savings are realized. The process includes..

  1. Identification of errors.
  2. Research and validation.
  3. Disputation of the charges.
  4. Monitoring and tracking of the issue until resolution.

Expert analysts utilize advanced technology, up to date market knowledge, and years of telecom experience to identify cost savings opportunities across your entire mobile enterprise. The optimization process involves detailed analysis and the creation of user profiles that are consistent with the usage patterns of your workforce. Optimization includes the review of…

Also includes:

  • Evaluation of Optimal Pooling Scenarios
  • Mapping of users to the myriad of plans available within the current carrier rate plan database.
  • Optional evaluation of savings available if services are migrated to a competing carrier.
  • Pooling/sharing among devices in corporate plan.
  • Audit 3 mo. Periods to adjust for local fees, surcharges and taxes. Analyze applications and usage patterns to ensure compliance with wireless policies.

You get continuous communication and a monthly Value Report.

  • Voice, Text and Data Plans
  • Feature Plans
  • International Plans
  • Push to Talk
  • Mobile to Mobile
  • Nights and Weekends
  • Historical Trending
  • Top Users / Zero Use
  • Carrier Optimization / Account Consolidation
  • Contract Renegotiation


As part of an entire Wireless TEM System, our average customer savings are 29.6%. In fact, if we can't save you money, you don't pay anything. We're carrier agnostic and we deliver results!


A TEM solution would not be complete without custom policies and procedures which drive the life cycle management portal that enables sophisticated wireless management and simplifies all aspects of the life cycle; approvals, ordering, MACD, break/fix, trouble tickets, and consumption management. Hierarchal data views streamline the device life cycle, inventory and trouble ticket management. Order management is seamlessly integrated with expense management, tying together expenses, inventory, and user behavior. The system…

  1. Allows role based procurement associates to order with end user responsibilities.
  2. Ensures procurement from approved vendors at approved pricing.
  3. Ensures automated supervisory authorization prior to procurement.
  4. Ensures device, rate plan and accessory catalogues provide end users with instant access to authorized ordering.
  5. Ensures that order management integrates seamlessly with expense management for positive inventory control.
  6. Allows end-users and managers 24 x 7 x 365 access to place requests online for new orders, replacements, break/fix and repair.
  7. Ensures help desk specialists work the tickets and are available by phone to assist in resolving issues immediately…and available with the click of a mouse.
  8. Ensures device, service and usage information is collected in a central database, searchable across departments, carriers, device/service type, end users and more.
  9. Ensures end users and managers can review invoices online and in real time.
  10. Automates the allocation and reporting of usage that is taxable to employees.
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