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This refers to wired and wireless technologies that allow for communication with other devices of the same type.

An M2M system involves a device, such as a sensor or meter, capturing an event, such as an inventory level. This information is then relayed, through a network (wireless, wired or a hybrid), to a software program which in turn translates the information into meaningful data, for example, items need to be restocked.

Cellular is becoming more common, with wireless interconnected networks serving to improve production and efficiency.

The technology has found many uses, such as, communication in onboard GPS technology, satellite navigation, smart cards, and id modules. One example, embedded Java technology, has enabled the OnStar system.

Wireless technology is now in monitoring systems, such as utility meters and used in digital billboards allowing for instantaneous changes, like gas prices or targeting different messages to a daytime business viewer vs. the evening social crowd.

Wireless technology is transforming vehicles with more entertainment, secure WiFi, GPS vehicle tracking and navigations systems. Even the popularly described "hands free driving" will be enabled by wireless technology.

At MasterTel USA, we can explore how M2M technologies can improve your business operational efficiencies.

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