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A company's transportation fleet includes commercial vehicles, as well as cars, vans, trucks, ships and rail cars. Managing a fleet requires a range of duties, including financing, maintenance and driver management. Wireless data transfer mechanisms support these roles with information needed for cost effective decision making.

GPS based vehicle tracking is a basic component of fleet management systems. GLONASS (cellular triangulation platform), a the more expensive satellite tracking system can also be used or in remote areas. Information from these sources is gathered by a fleet management software application, which can then be analyzed for real-time adjustments.

Tractor-trailer units, containers or cold storage freight trailers can be monitored and tracked 24/7 and wireless communication provides enhanced, timely communication for delivery and pick up. In addition, fleet management devices for tracking of fuel consumption, odometer readings, speed and driver management can minimize the risks and reduce costs, while ensuring compliance with company policy and government regulation. Maintenance diagnostics, fleet security and panic buttons for drivers that allows remote control of a ship or vehicle to prevent loss or damage are all possible through fleet management software.


  • Automate Data Collection
  • Increase Driver Productivity
  • Reduce Fuel Costs
  • Make Better Business Decisions
  • Increase Driver Safety
  • Improve Customer Service
GPS Tracking
Remote Diagnostics
Preventative Maintenance

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