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There are many options when it comes to phone systems for businesses. There are pros and cons of each type of solution depending on the customer's goals, objectives, and budget. At MasterTel USA, we look at all the options and help you make sense of the various technologies to fit your needs.

OPTION 1:  100% Premise Based TDM/IP System

For our Enterprise Clients, we design solutions with Cisco Call Manager
and Avaya Aura Call Management Systems through our sister company.
We provide full network assessments, MS Lync Integration, Equipment
Maintenance Solutions, PBX Management, Software Release Management,
Business Relocations and Expansions.

CISCO CALL MANAGER: A unified system that also provides application,
routing, and switching support. A great solution for business that
want to include wireless phones or end points. A good set of vertical
add on solutions exist, especially in healthcare. The Cisco JABBER
smart phone app now unifies video, presence, IM, and messaging into a
single competitive offering.

AVAYA AURA CM: A very robust system with a strong
history of providing feature rich communication solutions with good
technical support. It can serve both digital and VoIP end points
simultaneously. Avaya has incorporated video, presence, and IM to
provide a very competitive unified product offering in the Large
PBX UC arena.

For our Small and Medium Sized Clients, we design solutions with Cisco Call Manager, Cisco Business Edition, Avaya IP Office, ShoreTel, NEC, and Toshiba options as well as many other brands.

OPTION 2:  100% Cloud Based IP System

There are literally hundreds of hosted PBX providers in the marketplace today with more and more start-ups added each month. Hosted Telephony is the new Centrex. Every traditional telephony provider now has a hosted telephony offering included in their product mix. Even premise based PBX manufacturers have added a hosted telephony product line to compete with the mass exodus to the cloud. To top it off, traditional phone system vendors and data VARS have entered the hosted telephony arena by private labeling various VoIP providers offerings. Nowadays, just about any company can start a business offering hosted telephony. With such an influx of options, how can customers decide which solution is best for them and which provider will be in business a year from now?

At MasterTel USA, we only work with "best of breed" providers. We know their switching platforms, we know how they designed their networks, we know their management teams and their financial stability. Some are well suited for Enterprise and International Telephony. Others work best with multi-locations that only require a couple call paths per location. We know which providers work best in each scenario. Equally as important, we design all of our solutions with voice disaster recovery to give our customers peace of mind that they will always receive their inbound calls.


  1. Low Monthly Cost
  2. Worry Free
  3. Premise Based
  4. Managed in Private Cloud
  5. Highest Call Quality
  6. Network Flexibility
  7. Big Enterprise Features
  8. Future-Proof
  9. Intuitive to Use
  10. Easy to Learn
  11. Managed Support
  12. Redundant Failover
  13. Deploy Premise or Co-Lo
  14. Customizable
  15. Plug & Play Turn-Up
  16. Central Support
  17. Scalable
  18. Peace of Mind
  19. Advanced Capabilities
  20. 24/7 Support

OPTION 3:  "Managed" Premise Based IP System

One of our newer IP PBX offerings, a refreshing alternative to the status quo, is a private cloud telephony platform deployed on premise or via colo but managed in the cloud. Like hosted telephony, you pay for the PBX monthly "as a service", all maintenance, upgrades , 24x7x365 support are included at no extra fees. Customer only pays for handsets and network switches upfront or via lease. Very cost effective offering.

Advanced capabilities coupled with virtually unlimited interconnection options allows the "Managed" PBX offering to provide exceptional call quality.

The "Managed" Prem PBX grows with your business, eliminating redundant capital expenditures associated with traditional communication systems. Interconnect new branch offices and expand your workforce dynamically from 25 to 500+.

The "Managed" service model eliminates the resource overhead that is traditionally required to administer and maintain your phone system. Additionally, the managed service works proactively with service providers.

OPTION 4:  Hybrid Premise/Cloud Based Systems

For customers that have multiple small locations with a handful of lines, we offer a hybrid PBX solutions that is designed to work most efficiently with BYOB high speed internet. The service is hosted, but a small PBX is also deployed on site which routes internal calls via the LAN rather the internet. This eliminates a lot of wasted bandwidth. With the ability to pool call paths between all sites and burst as needed, less call path subscriptions are needed company-wide making 30% - 70% savings possible against traditional telephony.

It's no wonder companies like KFC, the US Post Office and large retail organizations nationwide have turned to a hybrid cloud solution.

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