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With uncertainty in today's economy, small
businesses are looking for more cost
effective methods to compete
effectively and get the most bang
for their buck with their IT
services which is why more and more
businesses are turning to managed I.T...

MasterTel USA's Managed I.T. Services (M.I.T.S.) is the outsourcing of the day to day management of services that normally falls under the purview of an on-site I.T. Manager and Staff. The purpose of our M.I.T.S. offering is to provide a strategic proactive method for improving operations by monitoring and maintaining our customer's core infrastructure. Through proper monitoring and preventative maintenance, we reduce the occurrences of IT failures, lessen the severity of IT failures and decrease the duration of IT failures, all of which increases the reliability and stability of our customer's networks. Our proactive approach, when compared to the break fix model many companies have traditionally embraced, allows us to reduce our customers' overall network costs and give them better results. With regular network health reporting and CIO reviews, we give our customers a level of transparency they aren't able to achieve on their own.

Time to Fix  
It takes too long to react and fix problems…costing you
Unfortunately getting a technician on site to
diagnose and fix problems takes time
Lack of Prevention  
Most I.T. Services are just reactive They offer no defined standards for delivering
preventative maintenance, where & when required
Knowledge Level  
You need a senior engineer's help, but only get a junior
Lack of information on IT issues impedes early
diagnosis, troubleshooting and resource allocation.
Unpredictable Costs  
Cost and unpredictability impacts budgeting and
…a consequence of responding to issues as they arise,
instead of managing systems proactively

Companies with 5-500 Desktop Users.
Companies that do not have an internal IT department.
Companies that have an IT department but need help
that internal I.T. can focus on more important issues.
Customers looking to stabilize their I.T. costs.
Customers that have an unstable network today.
Customers that rely on network stability for their critical
business services.
The ability to focus on core business competencies versus IT.
Reduce business risks.
Reduce costs.
Increase business continuity and productivity.
Provide access to new technologies and IT expertise.
Help respond to changing business conditions.
Provide a competitive advantage.


Core Elements Description
Server Monitoring Monitoring the customer's servers for any issues that may arise.
Backup Monitoring Monitoring the success of the customer's backup solution to ensure that their data is
always protected.
Network Monitoring Monitoring the customer's routers and switches to ensure that network traffic
is always moving.
Workstation Monitoring Monitoring the customer's workstations for any issues that may arise to ensure
optimum performance.
Security Monitoring Monitoring the customer's firewalls, antivirus definitions and patch levels to ensure
that the security solution is always updated.
Application Monitoring Monitoring customers' email availability, Outlook web access, SQL Database, and
Terminal Services.
Endpoint Security (ESM) Apply a complete security management system to customers' environment, including:
anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware management, application licensing
management, intrusion prevention, and security policy management. Provide
customers with customized detailed security activity reports on a monthly / quarterly
Basic Maintenance Basic automated maintenance and self-healing solutions applied to customers'
servers, workstations and network devices.
Patch Management Monitoring and management of patch levels; ensuring desktops, servers, and other
core network devices are kept up to date.
Performance Reporting Monthly / quarterly CIO meetings to review customized reports, overall network health,
and strategic IT planning with customer. (See reporting guide for detailed report
Time & Materials Support Services The method in which we apply remediation time in this program.

Optional Elements Description
Preventative Maintenance Performing monthly preventative maintenance tasks on select devices (workstations,
routers, firewalls, etc…) and applications to ensure optimum uptime.
Printer Monitoring Monitoring the customer's printers for errors, toner levels and page counts.
Remote Backup Solution Providing additional layers of backup support for those customers that require a
higher level of data protection.
Bundled Support Time For those customers that wish for more predictable IT spending, we can bundle a
variable number of hours into the package that can be used for any support issues.

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