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Communications as a Service – is an alternative to premise based phone systems. Also known as Hosted PBX, Hosted VoIP, Hosted or Cloud Telephony. CaaS defined is; all "system intelligence" sits in the "cloud", with only the IP Phones, Switches, and Routers sitting at the customer premise. As discussed in our Telephony Section, one solution does not fit all. Some customers still prefer premise based equipment, others are more comfortable with a Hybrid Premise/Hosted PBX, and we can help identify when each should be used, but for this section, the case for Cloud Communications is presented.

Survivability Single Point of Failure
Protects against Technology Obsolescence Requires future upgrades as technology evolves
Lower CAPEX Higher CAPEX requirement
Higher Monthly Telco Spend Lower Monthly Telco Spend (sometimes)
Requires no onsite system administration Requires onsite system administration
Requires no Maintenance Fees Requires SmartNet or other Maintenance Fees
Much lower TCO than premise Much higher TCO than hosted

Some of the key drivers to upgrade from premise based to hosted telephony are:

  • Aging Phone System
  • Phone System Lease is up for Renewal
  • Business is Moving
  • Have Multi-Locations to manage
  • Have a Call Center
  • Mobile Workers
  • Struggling to get Lease Financing
  • Lease still hits the books as a liability

With changing and uncertain economic times, CaaS is making sense for more and more customers…including very large deployments.

At MasterTel USA, Communications "DONE RIGHT" is how we roll. We educate you and only sell the best design at the best possible price. To that end, it's important that our customers know the growing number of hosted providers available and how they differ:

The Budget VoIP Providers
  • Cheap
  • Little Customization
  • Limited 3rd Party Integration
  • Often sold only as pure BYOB
  • Typically for under 10 seat implementations
  • No QOS provided. No VLAN created. Self install.
  • High Churn rate…low customer satisfaction
True Business Class VoIP Providers
  • Affordable
  • Highly Customizable
  • Extensive 3rd Party Integration
  • Delivered via MPLS with Guaranteed QOS
  • Typically for over 50 seats (but can do 20+)
  • Switches, Routers, and Professional Installs.
  • High customer satisfaction, low churn

For small office/ home office customers, Budget providers are the only feasible option so we have chosen some of the best budget providers for you to order directly from our Small Office / Home Office Section. For everyone else, we'll design your solution from scratch. All of our designs include multiple levels of redundancy, failover to secondary circuits and/or POTs line and cloud based re-routing of calls to Emergency Auto-Attendant or wireless handsets on the DID level. Our solutions are solid! Designed properly, Hosted Telephony offers advantages over premised based systems for most SMB customers. Some of our providers specialize in Call Centers. Others specialize in Mobility, Video Collaboration, or 3rd Party integration, including MS Lync Integrations. Let us show you how the best of breed CaaS providers are shaking up the telephony industry and solving true business problems today.

Our True Business Class Provider Standards:

  1. Provider must have a proven Platform
  2. Must offer MPLS or BYO-MPLS ability. We have a big emphasis on MPLS deliver with BYOB as fall back.
  3. Customer typically has to have over 50 seats to warrant a business class hosted telephony solution.
  4. We utilize hybrid solutions in smaller cases.
  5. Provider must have no proprietary end points and built on industry standards.
  6. Providers operational process must be well defined and tested.
  7. Provider must have a strong dedicated commitment to Support.
  8. Provider must have ability to customer and be flexible to meet demand.

Of the 100+ providers we have vetted, there are roughly a 12 core providers that meet our standards that we work with day in and day out.

Why MasterTel's Cloud Services Team for your entire CaaS business class provider needs?

  • Because we know there isn't a one size fits all provider and we do the homework for you.
  • We have access to Best of Breed providers that have unique solutions that we've tested before utilizing.
  • We follow a very unique process…
    • We ask a lot of questions.
    • We analyze lots of information
    • We allow your unique needs to dictate the proper solution.
  • We provide a turn-key solution, including…
    • Professional Project Management
    • All Equipment is included in design and price.
    • On-site Installation and Integration is included in design.
    • User and Administrative Training is provided with all installations.

The best validation that CaaS is her to stay is when premise based equipment providers (Cisco, Avaya, Siemens, MiTel, Adtran, etc.) have or are developing their own hosted telephony product which competes with their premise based offerings.

The TCO Argument for CaaS:

Ask yourself, if you do nothing with the MasterTel Cloud Services Team in the next 3 to 5 years, what would your likely alternative be?

Consider all costs:

3-5 yrs Recurring Costs (Circuits, Local, LD, International, Internet, 800, Conference) -------
One Time Costs (PBX, Voicemail, Software Licensing, Installation) -------
3-5 yrs Maintenance Fees (MACS, Maintenance Contracts) -------
TOTAL: -------

Then let us show you how 3-5 years of our CaaS compares!

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