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IT as a Service – the goal of ITaaS is to take the "headache" work away from your internal IT department and outsource it to a provider on a subscription, per user basis. This includes Virtualized Servers, Virtualized Storage and Back Up, Virtualized Applications (including Line of Business Apps), all streamed back to the client via a Virtualized Desktop experience. This may also include the bundling of Communications as a Service, Microsoft licensing, etc.. All services delivered with 7 x 24 x 365 Helpdesk Support. CapEx moves to OpEx.

Traditional Desktop Environment

In the traditional environment each employee uses a desktop, or laptop that IT must maintain. The ability to run software is based on the equipment on which it is installed. Local disks store OS, applications and data. Upgrades and software are deployed on a one to one basis. When issues arise, users get frustrated and IT is burdened with headaches taking them away from more productive tasks.

The Problems with traditional desktop environments are numerous:

  • Mobility poses Risk - if users work remotely, "remote" generally equates to less security, issues for IT
    maintaining and upgrading the desktop cleanly and regularly.
  • Device Resource Requirements increase with time – the more work you need to do, the more powerful the
    device you need. In many cases, a device is too slow before it fails.
  • Single Point of Failure - One user's productivity is generally tied to one device. If it fails, the productivity loss
    can be big.
  • Expensive – 70% of the total cost of ownership of a
    desktop is spent in desk side support.
  • Management Nightmare – Hard drives, memory, processors,
    networking cards, mother boards, are dedicated per device and
    regularly fail.
This is why more and more Small Business are migrating to Desktop Virtualization Services…


  1. ECONOMICS – reduce the total cost of desktop ownership by
    almost 70% through remote trouble shooting, ease of
    deployment, and extended life of older equipment.
  2. PRODUCTIVITY – Users can gain access to their desktop from
    any location, on any device, while administration can support
    and deploy from a centralized location.
  3. SCALABILITY – Meet new requirements by adding additional
    resources to the "virtual" PC rather than upgrading equipment.
  4. PERFORMANCE - Immediately rectify PC problems by remotely
    restarting, or re-imaging the desktop, saving IT time and putting
    employees back to work immediately.
  5. SECURITY – Provide external users with secure access to
    company apps and data. Enforce end-to-end security consistent
    across all user, regardless of device.

Depending on your needs, MasterTel USA can assist you with the proper Premise Based VDI, Web-top, Streaming Apps or Full VDI Solution. All VDI is not created equal.

SHARED Pure Multi-Tenant VDI is cheaper, but limited – Plug-ins can be problematic or impossible. App integration is a big issue. Also, difficult integration with non-virtualized software (AS-400), PeopleSoft, etc..

HYBRID Allows the Most Flexibility and Control plus Faster Performance – Virtualized and non-virtualized resources are side by side. Dedicated private service is integrated with multi-tenant resources. Provides faster application response.

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