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We understand that restaurants have specialized needs depending upon their customer expectations. Whether it is a fast food restaurant, fine dining or somewhere in between, the dining experience ends with the payment process. Whether that experience is what the customer wants will impact their loyalty to your establishment.


Restaurants need to accept credit cards but also debit cards, electronic check acceptance solutions, promo codes and gift or loyalty cards. POS terminals provide these options in integrated systems that streamline the payment process. They also include options for contactless payment for transactions under $25, allow for customers to keep a running tab or combine bar and restaurant tabs and handle separating a single bill among multiple credit cards. Self-service options are a growing trend via specialized POS terminals and help lower your costs.

Mobile Apps

The next step in payment solutions is the branded mobile app that allows the customer to access information when they need it. Whether it's to locate your nearest store, select options from your menu or even customize how much ketchup they want on that order, the mobile app provides the solution. The app can give them a time for pick up and, by paying on their mobile device, the customer doesn't have to wait in line or pay when they pick up.


Whether you are using a POS or a Mobile App, the potential for security breaches is ever present. Pin-pad tampering, skimming devices and the criminal element's ability to devise new ways to get around your security must be taken seriously. Today's payment processors include encrypted card readers to protect your data and transactions.

Fast service and security makes the customer's experience convenient, while lowering your costs. That is a recipe for creating loyal customers and growing your business!

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