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What is the "next big thing"? It's already here. It's Mobile. The explosion in internet capable mobile devices is reinventing how we do business.

When consumers are out they want to know information. Mobile devices solve the problem by giving access to information about where to eat or shop, what are the business' hours or if the concert is sold out.

Creating a mobile-friendly version of your website for ease of use is your first step in successfully reaching these mobile customers. From their mobile device the customer can buy from your site or purchase a coupon just like at their desktop. They can also call you to make reservations. Customers are billed via a credit card or on their phone bill.

Mobile marketing is content specifically designed for mobile devices. Gaining widespread acceptance are QR (Quick Response) codes. Those are the black squares that look like bar codes. They contain information that can be captured by an application on the mobile device, sending the user to your mobilized website or a special landing page. By using the phone's GPS feature and your software, capture the moment with a landing page deal good in the next ½ hour for those nearby and looking to purchase.

Mobile devices from your processor allow you to be mobile, too. Have a booth at a local street fair? Your processor can provide compact devices that attach to your mobile device to accept payments on the spot! Combine with a QR code that allows buyers to purchase from the wider selection on your website.

The reach of what these devices can do now and will do in the near future is limitless. For more on Mobile Apps see Restaurant Solutions.

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