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The ability to let your customers pay in their own currency has been proven to increase sales for any merchant from e-Commerce to Retail. International customers feel more comfortable and merchants benefit by attracting more business and increasing revenue. Our products allow customers to carry their home currency with them, whether they are physically or virtually traveling abroad. Multi-currency processing gives international customers the ability to make a simpler and more informed buying decision no matter where in the world they shop, whether in a hotel, restaurant, retail store or online.


Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP) is an important sales tool that helps merchants expand internationally and build their business while differentiating themselves from their competitors. With MCP, cardholders around the world can view merchants' pricing and pay for products or services in their home currency.

The key to any successful international sales strategy is the ability to present offerings in the customer's language and, equally important, pricing. Our MCP service enables businesses to easily and effectively customize their offerings and attract new international customers. Businesses can set prices in the currencies of the foreign markets they sell in, while continuing to receive settlement and reporting figures in their own currency.

With MCP, merchants can sell the same item to British customers in Pounds Sterling, French and German customers in Euros, and Japanese customers in Yen. This helps the world expand for both merchants and customers, making global shopping easier, more transparent and more profitable. Merchants are also able to market to international customers more effectively, increasing overall sales and profitability.


Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is a customer service feature through which a credit card purchase, initially priced in the merchant's local currency, is converted, in real time, at the point-of-sale into the cardholder's home currency. This creates a personalized shopping experience for international customers, while merchants still receive reporting and settlement information in their local currency. For example, a hotel can help international guests feel at home by allowing them to pay for their stay in their home currency, while still keeping records in their own currency. DCC provides customers with an extra added-value service - the convenience and certainty of paying in the currency they understand best: their own.

Our DCC service provides pricing transparency and clarity at the point-of-sale, allowing customers to make more informed purchasing decisions. Customers feel more confident purchasing in their home currencies, and this confidence will translate into increased sales from both new and existing international clientele.

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