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GoldMail – Voice Over Visual Messaging

GoldMail from PointAcross is an enterprise offering designed to increase email response rates and click through ratios making your sales efforts more effective.

PointAcross is fully integrated with PowerPoint and both have a similar user interface. PointAcross cloud-based presentation software is the easiest way to create PowerPoint-like web-based presentations including your very own voice-over.

PointAcross presentations are similar to a video, but are much easier and faster to produce.

The PointAcross online presentation tool also lets you add voice-over to any image (photos, screen shots, PDFs -- virtually any image) to bring your online presentations to life.

The PointAcross platform includes a PowerPoint-like presentation software interface, email functions so you can send your online presentations, and analytics to track who views your web-based presentation.

Recipients don't need a PointAcross subscription to view your online presentation, and PointAcross doesn't try to send large files that get stuck or take forever to send. You customize an email that includes a simple link to your PointAcross online presentation, making PointAcross ideal for delivering high-impact web-based presentations to a mailing list of any size — or to one individual.

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