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Changing energy service providers is not the only way to reduce energy expenditures. Utility Pro USA will show you areas of opportunity in your office to reduce energy consumption by incorporating energy efficient equipment.

From energy efficient LED lighting and thermostats to copiers, printers and monitors; Utility Pro USA can provide you with equipment that can go to work for you reducing operating expenses and energy consumption. Going green just makes business sense.


Did you know that 88% of Lighting Cost is Spent on Electricity?

Whether through our everyday low prices on replacement lamps and ballasts or by upgrading your facility with new equipment, we have the expertise to substantially reduce your lighting system's energy and maintenance costs.

Furthermore, by upgrading your current lighting system, you will notably enhance your place of business improving employee morale, productivity and quality control.

* Compact Fluorescent Lamps
* Linear Fluorescent Lamps
* Incandescent Lamps
* Halogen Lamps
* High Intensity Discharge Lamps
* Fluorescent Ballasts
* Track& Recessed Down Lighting
* Replacement Lenses & Louvers
* Replacement Emergency Batteries
* Certified Lamp & Ballast Disposal
* Lighting System Energy Audits & Analysis
* High Intensity Discharge Ballasts
* Commercial Fluorescent Fixtures
* Industrial Fluorescent Fixtures
* Industrial/Commercial H.I.D. Fixtures
* Parking & Outdoor H.I.D. Fixtures
* Occupancy & Daylight Sensors
* Residential & Hospitality Lighting
* LED Exit Signs & Emergency Lighting
* Fluorescent Aluminum Reflector Kits
* Financing for Lighting Upgrade Projects
* Commercial & Industrial Lighting Design & Installation


30%-60% Reduction in Peak kW

Utility Pro USA's HVAC Retrofit system providers can utilize your existing AC compressor, and if needed we can add a new high efficient scroll compressor. The largest amount of savings occurs during the heat of the day thereby offsetting expensive peak demand charges that many utilities are now charging commercial customers. Many utilities offer rebate or financial incentive programs aimed at commercial users of peak kW demand. An HVAC Retrofit can double the operating efficiency at a portion of the cost of replacing the existing equipment, and qualify for utility demand reduction program incentives.


Aesthetically Pleasing, Controls Condensation, Increases Light Reflectivity, and Reduce Utility Costs up to 75%.

Rod Suspension Insulation - A patented system for retrofitting most roofs and walls with fiberglass insulation blankets suspended by galvanized steel rods. This system can be installed either above or below the building frame depending on requirements.

Strap Insulation - When building ceilings and walls are cluttered with ductwork, electrical conduit and other impediments, strap insulation is the preferred system. Fiberglass blankets are secured directly to the roof purlins by straps at specified distances.


Energy Cost Savings of up to 30% !

Motorized pieces of equipment are historically inefficient users of electricity. Unnecessarily high electrical bills and maintenance costs result from the conversion of the reactive current. Utility Pro USA offers products that provide the benefits of reactive power correction while virtually eliminating the risks associated with traditional correction methods. Increased motor functionality means lower energy costs from reduced current draw. The dynamic real-time reactive power compensating unit that Utility Pro USA deploys through our partner, is a fast response system that is used to compensate any variation in reactive power within one-quarter of a network cycle. This system provides real-time power quality enhancement along with energy savings; reactive current correction; voltage support; flicker reduction; current spike reduction; harmonic filtration and many other applications for a variety of dynamic loads.


Stop Wasting Money on an Empty Room!

We offer top of the line occupancy-based HVAC and lighting energy management systems through our global partners. Using infrared occupancy sensing with logic-control software, the system switches to "conservation" mode after occupancy has not been detected for a pre-determined length of time. When occupancy is returned, room temperature is restored within five to eight minutes. This results in reduced HVAC and lighting costs of up to 45%, while contributing to enhanced equipment life and noise reduction. Your tenants and guests will also enjoy enhanced comfort due to improved controls. Used in Hotels, Resorts, Universities, Dorms, Assisted Living, Commercial Bldgs., Rental Units, Public and Gov't. Bldgs..


Save 30%-50% in Utility Costs with this Unique Offering

With Utility Pro USA's wireless offering, stand-alone devices become intelligent network nodes enabling them to be controlled and monitored wirelessly. Manage your buildings lighting, computers, appliances, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and security and watch your energy consumption decrease and your bottom line increase.


Increase Equipment Life and Reduce Refrigeration Utility Cost by up to 30%

Commercial refrigeration costs are sky-rocketing due to increases in electricity cost. Constant compressor cycling causes wear and tear on refrigeration equipment. Air temperature fluctuates faster than food temperature; most thermostats monitor the air temperature causing the equipment to work much harder than necessary. Constant fluctuation in temperature can cause increased food spoilage.

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