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Over the past several years, many states have begun participating in the break-up of large energy monopolies; the production and distribution of energy has been divided. This deregulation has created competition in the energy market, to the significant benefit of consumers and business customers.

Today, a variety of ESCO's (Energy Service COmpanies) are operating in deregulated states, offering energy customers many more options to choose from when selecting an energy provider. The distribution, or transmission of the energy is still provided by the trusted local utilities, but the actual supply purchase can come from a number of service providers who are competing for business by offering more aggressive pricing, better service and value added services.

Shopping for an energy service provider is a lot like shopping for a long distance provider. There is very little involved in "cutting over" to a new service provider and there is much to be gained from cost savings and value added services.

Utility Pro USA is an energy broker and can help you lower your energy costs on both electricity and natural gas. Our portfolio of service providers included renewable energy sources like Wind Power.

Here is our process:

Step 1
Assessment and audit of current and historical energy use

Step 2
Recommendations are made based on your unique needs and business challenges

Step 3
Implementation to ensure a smooth, painless transition

Step 4
Management of your ongoing energy expenditures

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Twenty-four states have enacted legislation to deregulate their electricity markets. Fourteen states and the District of Columbia are currently active in a deregulated energy environment. Some States have either suspended their deregulated model in order to re-write the legislation or they have delayed opening their markets for the next twelve to twenty four months. Nonetheless, the potential for significant cost savings is driving strong demand for continued deregulation. As the demand for electricity continues to rise, many businesses are faced with challenges to reduce energy costs and look to identify a retail energy company that can meet their future requirements.

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