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Utility Pro USA offers a full range of Energy Consulting Services. Utility Pro USA is an independent broker of deregulated energy, both electricity and natural gas. We partner with a variety of ESCO's (Energy Service COmpanies) to bring our clients the greatest cost savings and value. We will assess and audit your energy use, make a recommendation that will save you money and add value, help you switch over and provide ongoing management and support. It's as easy as changing your long distance service.

If Corporate Social Responsibility is a priority, Utility Pro USA can help you Go Green! Many of our ESCO partners use renewable energy technologies like solar, wind and geothermal. Customers need not sacrifice cost savings for green, renewable energy. Utility Pro USA will guide you through the procurement process and ensure your energy is clean and sustainable.

Changing energy service providers is not the only way to reduce energy expenditures. Utility Pro USA will show you areas of opportunity in your office in to reduce energy consumption by incorporating energy efficient equipment.

Utility Pro USA can also show you how your organization can get money back from the energy companies through a little known program called Demand Response. Through this program, energy consumers can earn incentives for reducing their energy use during peak demand periods.

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