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At MasterTel USA, everything we do is focused on solving customer problems. Here is a small sampling of the problems many of our customers faced that we have solutions for.
  • Customers receiving too many invoices from multiple ILECs (typically with varying contract terms), use our services to consolidate, make it easier to manage, put language in agreements so that all contracts are co-terminus, plus find hard and soft savings.
  • Nationwide customers that have to call multiple ILECs when issues arise use us to consolidate their services and provide one Customer Service number, one web portal, one national dedicated rep to make it easier to manage.
  • Customers that are still paying Standard ILEC Rates use our services to reduce their costs nationwide and in Canada.
  • Customers who don't have proper record keeping and are unable to properly track their circuit inventory, use us to clean up their inventory and organize it for them.
  • Nationwide multi-location customers use us to reduce their line count by eliminating lines not in use many of which can be used as back door security breaches into a phone system or computer network.
  • Small customers that are used to poor service from the ILEC, use us to manage their POTS line orders to avoid the hassle and time spent so that they can instead do more productive work for their company.
VOICE T-1s (Local and Long Distance Products)
  • Enterprise Customers that order new circuits monthly use us to provide a one stop shop to get best pricing and implementation support for all their circuit needs.
  • Customers who don't have the time to keep up with industry trends, industry M&As, technologies and market prices use us instead for best practices, best providers, best pricing and technologies to keep their business competitive.
  • When things break, services are interrupted and multiple parties are involved, that leads to finger pointing, customers use us to manage the trouble ticket process, engage all parties and manage the issue to resolution…quickly.
  • With all the M&As occurring in the telecom and technology industries, customers use us to gain access to inside information regarding underlying carrier stability, product difficulties or successes, implementation records, etc., which can impact a carrier's performance during implementation or throughout the term of the contract.
  • PRI vs. SIP Trunks? Customers use us to do a cost analysis to determine which technology makes the most sense.
  • Do you do a lot of International Mobile Termination? Do you have sophisticated Toll Free Routing Requirements? Customers use us because we know who the niche players are that can most cost effectively service our unique customer's needs.
  • Paying for redundant circuits for multiple tasks that could be consolidated? Customers use us to find cost effective ways to utilize less circuits to accomplish the end result, hence reducing real estate in the switch.
  • When customers experience network performance issues, they use our services to help them troubleshoot and correct the underlying problem.
  • When customers are having bandwidth issues, it's typically a sign that something has changed in their environment. First we help you troubleshoot, then if growth is the cause, customers use our services to secure better solutions for them.
  • Customers use us to design primary and back up data networks for their Enterprise operations, nationally or internationally.
  • Customers are often too busy managing their department to keep up with all of the latest technologies each carrier deploys. Also, they lack the time, know how, or desire to conduct a full RFP every few years; interview multiple carriers, determine who will give them the least pain and get it to fit within their budget, so they use us to do this function for them.
  • Customers that are looking for new ways to reduce costs and travel less, use us to find the best web and video solutions for their firm. Our solutions are geared to improve sales, to connect remote workers to the rest of the team, to facilitate better inter-interoffice communications and to improve effectiveness of company meetings.
  • Customers don't know all of the available providers in the conferencing arena or the niche some of these provides have carved out for themselves, so they use us to show them who offers the best overall package based on their company's particular needs.
  • Many customers find it difficult to determine true Cost versus Benefits of migrating their PBX to the cloud or subscribing to Hosted PBX services so they use us to do an analysis to help them make the right decision.
  • Customers aren't always aware of all the options available to them, premise based to hosted, to Managed VoIP PBX options (premise based, but all inclusive and paid for as a service). They also don't understand all the costs each technology brings with it, so they use us to do a thorough analysis for them and provide recommendations.
  • A solid network infrastructure supports all the applications required, yet not all companies understand how to plan their infrastructure purchases accordingly to growth so they use us to review their switches and appliances.
  • Customers don't always look at the impact that network changes make on the existing PBX hence spend more money after the fact to upgrade their hardware to support the new network, so they use us to lay out all the costs upfront and propose the optimal solution. We vet the providers and manage the installation.
  • Equipment needs to be refreshed, but capital expenditures are hard to swallow in a tough economy so customers use us to help find the appropriate ROI in their network or other business services, to justify the new expense.
  • Customers are getting mixed messages on whether cloud desktop is right for them so they use us for an analysis of all the options with our pros and cons of each.
  • VMWare, Citrix, and Microsoft are the key players in the cloud desktop space. Customers use us to show them which solution makes the most sense for their firm and why.
  • Many customers don't understand the true costs (or savings) of migrating their infrastructure to the cloud so they use us to help put it in perspective for them.
WIRELESS Telecom Expense Management
  • Customers are looking to reduce their wireless spend. Most customers are paying 30% more for their wireless services than they should. They don't have a good cell phone policy instituted, no inventory or management system in place, and are typically on the wrong calling plans. Also they don't realize the deep discounts available that a proactive wireless TEM and Optimization service offers.
  • As the carriers are buying each other and changing their network infrastructure, it's hard to determine which carrier will offer the best quality service for where their employees are located or travel to.
  • Many companies do not have an easy to manage company web portal to order and track all of their wireless Adds/Changes. Instead they may have a staff member that handles the workload less efficiently than best practices suggest.
  • With more and more BYOD mobile devices entering the workplace, customers come to us to help them with securing their mobility gaps.
  • Most smaller customers don't have a voice back up plan should their circuits go down temporarily or in an event catastrophe. With every voice solution, we always provide a voice back up plan so that your business/institution will never miss inbound calls.
  • Most large customers don't even know if some of their voice circuits are operational on a day to day basis so they use us to run an analysis, test their lines, and makes sure their back up plan is operational when needed.
  • Many smaller customers aren't backing up their data at all. Those who are, use less than recommended methods. We help them with the best back up plan to fit their budget.
  • For many, restoration can be difficult at best but data backup done right can be cost effective and easy to implement. We show them all the available options along with the pros and cons of each.
  • Low cost shadow networks, SIP Trunks, cloud services, colocation services, mirrored desktops, move in office space, and stand-alone back up circuits are a crucial part of a business continuity plan that many businesses don't account for in their telecom planning so customers use us to help them get the right mix of products and services to guarantee survivability of their operations based on their budget and/or critical needs.
  • Customers use us for Enterprise Class Network Monitoring for fault and network performance management to provide visibility into the health of network devises and servers to provide real-time information to keep systems running at peak performance.
  • Moves/Adds/Changes for large organizations are time consuming money sinks for I.T and Telco Staff whose time can be better served doing productive work for the company so customers outsource their telecom help desk to MasterTel USA. We know how to cut to the chase quickly and efficiently getting the results you need while keeping you in the loop and off the phone.
SAAS / Hosted Software vs. Traditional
  • As the world is going more and more hosted, when is it smart to migrate to a hosted exchange server, a hosted blackberry server, hosted CRM or the hundreds and hundreds of other hosted apps that are available? Customers use us to help determine what mix is best for their company.
  • Need an application in the cloud? People use us to design it and put it in the cloud for them.
  • For large organizations with multiple sites, it behooves them to consider a Telecom Expense Package to keep track of all their Circuit Inventory, their Equipment, their Telecom Contracts, and do scan for billing errors each and every month.
  • There are many Telecom Expense Packages in the marketplace. Some are software based. Others use live personnel to analyze each invoice and customer record. Customers use us to determine which plan is best for them.
  • International Mobile costs are some of the highest per minute telecom costs, yet we surprise our customers when we show them 70% cost reductions.
  • Installing international circuits are a challenge for most companies to deal with, so customers turn to us to provide competitive pricing and complete project management of their international circuit needs.

The list of problems we solve is exhaustive and would not fit on this entire website. If you have a telecom need or challenge, it's very likely we've already solved it for one of our other customers. Otherwise, we'll work tirelessly to help you.

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