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Our Process

At MasterTel USA, we spend a lot of time understanding your business and analyzing your needs. This process and the ensuing results gains trust and loyalty from our customers.

  • We begin with a partial or complete Telecom Invoice Audit & Network Assessment.
  • We Review and Assess what you have in place today and what you are paying for it.
  • We Review your Existing Contracts for signature dates, expiration dates, renewal clauses and terms.
  • We obtain LOA from the customer so that we can retrieve CSRs and other pertinent information to get a complete picture of your network and circuit configurations.
  • If Historical Audits are a service that we are contracted for, then we begin the audit process at this time prior to making network design changes.
  • Also, Telecom Expense Management for Wireless and Wire-line Services can also begin simultaneously, beginning with a consult with one of our TEM experts.
  • We then Review your Current Network Configuration and Inventory (from CSRs and from customer provided records).
  • We meet, conference, email specified company personnel until we have a complete understanding of your immediate and future company goals which will impact your telecom decisions.
  • We then determine Potential Alternative Solutions and/or Providers best suited to fulfill those goals.
  • We look for Cost Efficiencies.
  • We look for Business Efficiencies.
  • We look for Carrier Credentials/Financials/Network Topologies to justify the ability to provide reliable service
  • We look at Cloud vs. Premise, Wireline vs. Wireless, Complete Refresh vs. Minimal Upgrades.
  • We engage our 200+ Best of Breed Telecom Carriers and hundreds of VARS Nationally & Internationally to provide their most competitive pricing for our design.
  • We then obtain multiple flagship carrier based solutions and Equipment quotes from several sources.
  • Typically, we create and manage an RFP Process with 3 leading providers/vendors in each category.
  • Every solution is designed with redundancy and DR in mind while remaining within the customer's budget.
  • We will then meet to review our final recommendations which will cover…
  • The Design
  • The Financials of the Solution
  • The Implementation Process and Timeframes
  • The Bill Review Process
  • The Account Management Team
  • Per your request, we'll continue to negotiate and facilitate changes with chosen provider until we have an approval.
  • Customer approves the plan.
  • We then gather order paperwork for signature.
  • We will facilitate any contract language changes required.
  • We will obtain signed paperwork, scrub the paperwork for accuracy and then enter it into MasterTel USA's provisioning system.
  • We then send the complete order package to the vendors for credit approval and commencement of project.
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